David Wheatley

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‘a most impressive first book . . . intelligent, good-humoured and very gifted’
— Ben Sonnenberg, Thumbscrew

Sleepwalking, a skinned rabbit, litter, a Chinese play, and an Irish alchemist are just some of the subjects of David Wheatley’s first book.

Containing poems of childhood, travel, rural and, in particular, urban experience, Thirst submits the familiar and the strange alike to the workings of an enquiring, restless sensibility. A distinctive and formally assured debut, the collection is ultimately unified as its title suggests by a thirst for experience in all its richness and variety.

. . . remarkable artistry and ingenuity . . . places its author at the head of Ireland’s flotilla of younger poets.

— Des O’Rawe, The Irish Review

. . . an arresting talent . . . a keen eye for the vividly apposite detail . . . a wry humour that doesn’t undercut the essential seriousness and real substance of the best of the poems . . . beautifully crafted and humanly engaging poems.

— John Boland, The Irish Times

Year Published: 1997
Details: 80pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 207 3

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