Still Life with Waterfall


Eamon Grennan

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The still life and waterfall in the title of Eamon Grennan’s fifth collection indicate a meditative stance before his subjects and a participation in their kinetic turbulence.

These poems attend to recurrent agitations loss, memory and desire within a consciousness on edge. Marking a swerve from the more relaxed moods and manners of earlier work, these poems frame the tensions of emotional stress while, in their ‘agnostic praise’, they continue to bring a characteristic shine to whatever the poet’s gaze falls on. Alert as ever to what’s happening in the natural world its landscape, weather and living inhabitants they illuminate also the even more complex world of human relationships.

Temperate in tone but charged with verbal energy, the poems of Eamon Grennan cast a contemplative eye on the present moment. Reminiscent, by turns, of Bishop, Hopkins, and Traherne, they reflect a meditative mind attuned to the flux of immediate experience. “Thereness / is all,” Grennan declares in “Aubade,” a recent poem, as he observes “the way // this day keeps coming on.” And in their stately but kinetic sentences, their contained but insurgent lines, his poems strike a felicitous balance between solidity and fluidity, presence and disappearance, stability, and change.

New Hibernia Review

Year Published: 2001
Details: 80pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 293 6