One Another


Michael Coady

Poetry and Prose

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One Another is a welcome and worthy successor to Michael Coady’s much-loved All Souls. Poetry, prose and illustration are integrated in a cumulative work of gravity and compassion. The title poem is prelude to a set of variations on motifs of community, mortality and memory, emerging from an intimately known anchorage of place.

The writer’s voice is joined by a chorale of ‘overheard’ communal tones, in oral mode and various moods. The book’s inclusive reach finds room for play, as in ‘Textament’, or its guest versions of ‘The Gift of Tongues’.

A personal crisis deepens perspective and heralds renewal in ‘The Place of Hurt and Healing’. The human interplay of unsung lives and destinies suffuses One Another ’in the carnal war / with time that’s always lost / but never conceded’.


Sureness of technique . . . unlaboured control of dialect in the ‘overheard’ prose stories . . . compelling and heartening . . . In Coady’s work the local is never patronised; without ever being sentimental or mawkish, it is an accepting view of the world. At the end you still wonder how Coady does it, how he achieves this humane sense of natural goodness, the most difficult of all things to represent convincingly.

Bernard O’Donoghue, The Irish Times

Year Published: 2003
Details: 184pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 356 8

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