Tom French

‘Gogarty’s Printers, Kilmainhamwood’ from The Fire Step (2009).

‘Commute‘ from The Fire Step (2009).

‘Leaving Ballybeg‘ (2013).

‘The Neptune Pool: Lockers’ The Way to Work (2016).

Vona Groarke

‘The Front Door’ from Selected Poems (2016).

‘Away’ from Spindrift (2009).

‘Pier’ from Spindrift (2009).

‘An Teach Tuí‘ from Spindrift (2009).

Seán Lysaght Videos

Seán Lysaght reads ‘Catkins’.

Seán Lysaght reads ‘Five Hawks’.

Seán Lysaght reads ‘The Bay of Angels’.

Eamon Grennan Videos

Eamon Grennan ‘The Day That’s In It’.

Eamon Grennan reads ‘Prayer’.

Eamon Grennan reads ‘Parents and Departing Train’.

Eamon Grennan reads ‘Dublin Poughkeepsie’.

Ciaran Berry Videos

Ciaran Berry reads ‘Slow Set’ from The Dead Zoo (2013).

Ciaran Berry reads ‘At Ballyconneely.’

‘For the Birds’ by Ciaran Berry.

Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin Videos

‘Curtain‘ from The Sun-fish (2009).

‘The Polio Epidemic’ from The Sun-fish (2009).

Conor O’Callaghan Videos

‘A Flat Earth’ from Fiction (2005).

‘January Drought’ from The Sun King (2013).

Frank McGuinness Videos

‘Rooms in Denmark’ from In a Town of Five Thousand People (2012).

‘Fists’ from The Stone Jug (2003).

‘My Lover’s Heart Compared to the Golden Gate Bridge’ from The Sea with No Ships (1999).

‘The Palm of His Hand‘ from Booterstown (1994).

Gerald Dawe Videos

‘A Shower of Rain’ Gerald Dawe.

‘Snap’ by Gerald Dawe.

‘Argentina’ by Gerald Dawe.

“Refugees”, read by Gerald Dawe.

Michelle O’Sullivan Videos

A Body’s Language from The Blue End of Stars (2012).

The Orchard from The Blue End of Stars (2012).

Leaving the House Empty from The Blue End of Stars (2012).

Andrew Jamison Videos

The Starlings from Happy Hour (2012).

King’s Cross to Leeds from Happy Hour (2012).

Death’s Door from Happy Hour (2012).

Derek Mahon Videos

Derek Mahon reads ‘Everything Is Going To Be All Right’ from New Collected Poems.

Derek Mahon reads ‘Somewhere the Wave’ from Life on Earth.

John Montague Videos

‘A Resigned President’ John Montague.

John McAuliffe Videos

John McAuliffe reads ‘Snow’ from Of All Places (2011).

John McAuliffe reads ‘Old Style’ from Of All Places (2011).

John McAuliffe reads ‘Aerialist’.