The Ledger of Fruitful Exchange


Peter Sirr

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Peter Sirr’s fourth collection, The Ledger of Fruitful Exchange, is a series of transactions between people and places, departures and arrivals.

The first section explores notions of home and homelessness in the lives of voyagers, residents, tourists, and adventurers, including medieval Jewish travelers and Irish glassmakers. Part two, ‘A Journal’, an extended meditation on desire and difference, charts the history of a love affair.

This wide range of voices, in their varied historical and geographical settings, combines to make this Peter Sirr’s most opulent book to date.

In an astonishing adventure in language, the like of which brings to mind recent compositions by Paul Muldoon, Sirr’s artistry grows apace . . . he strides forward to become, I am sure, one of our outstanding poets.

— Tom Clyde, Fortnight

It is Sirr’s attention to both the difficulty and the brilliant flowerings of language that makes The Ledger of Fruitful Exchange a genuine breakthrough, and his most interesting collection to date.’

Times Literary Supplement

Year Published: 1995
Details: 96pp
ISBN HBK: 978 1 85235 175 5

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