Double Cross (A new version)


Thomas Kilroy

Available in paperback only

In a year of good plays Thomas Kilroy’s Double Cross stands out a mile for its biting and provocative intelligence . . . a rich profusion of ideas . . . a dense, ironic play.
Michael Billington, The Guardian

‘Identity can be a fiction, and be no less satisfactory on that account.’ In this absorbing drama Thomas Kilroy investigates the validity of this claim. He shows, as through a prism, episodes in the lives of Brendan Bracken and William Joyce, including their relationship with Ireland and their conceptions of Britain and Germany in World War II. How these antagonists, given a choice by history, distorted their personalities to re-invent themselves becomes ultimately a spellbinding examination of the riddle of nationalism.

Theatre Reviews 2018
. . . The other was the Lyric production of Double Cross at the Peacock, Thomas Kilroy’s almost glittering examination of the psychosis of nationalism and the Irish pre-occupation with a mythical sense of national consciousness against the backgrounds of two men who rejected Ireland (Brendan Bracken, Churchill’s wartime minister for information and William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw). It was what theatre should be about, and all too often is not: intriguing, stimulating and entertaining.’ — Emer O’Kelly, Sunday Independent

Year Published: 2018
Details: 96pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 91133 759 1

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