John Jordan (1930-1988)

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John JordanJohn Jordan (1930-1988) was a poet, critic and short story writer.

His publications include A Raft from Flotsam (Gallery, 1975, ‘versifications’), Blood and Stations (Gallery, 1976, poems and prose) and Yarns (stories). His Collected Poems (Dedalus) was published in 1991 and Crystal Clear, a selection of his prose was published by Lilliput Press in 2006.

John Jordan Titles

Blood and Stations

John Jordan’s Blood and Stations contains his moving commemoration of his friend Gainor Crist, allegedly the original Sebastian Dangerfield; an early prose fantasy; and an amplified version of his Patrician Stations, out of print since its first publication in 1971 by the New Writers’ Press.

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