Three new poems by Vona Groarke appeared in the current issue of The Hudson Review.

‘Sundial Metaphors’; ‘Still Life in Marble’; and ‘Phrase Book for the Subjunctive, Lesson 1’


Sundial Metaphors

Morning takes from the bottom drawer
a clean present tense.

Midday. Its two shoulder-straps
imperfectly aligned.

Afternoon is milk-skim,
thickening on itself.

Evening is lovers who said too much
but once and years ago.

Night is a black lacquer bowl
with hours plump as oranges inside.

Small hours insist they’re what they’re not,
a go-between, light-footed, on the path

of what could be a simple day
except for all the reasons it is not.

Read all three poems on The Hudson Review website.

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