November’s Poems of the Month come from Calling Cards, a bilingual co-publication between Poetry Ireland and The Gallery Press of Ten Younger Irish Poets with translations into English.

Paidir na Maidine

géillim don dóchas
gurb ann do Dhia tar éis an tsaoil
is go dtagann biseach
is go dtiocfaidh.

géillim don dóchas
nach buan an t-ualach an t­-uaigneas
is go mbéarfaidh an grá an chraobh ar an éad
sa chath aisteach síoraí seo.

géillim don dóchas
gur tháinig gaois as an fhulaingt
agus bá agus grá
is go n­-osclaítear croíthe
faoi cheathaideacha gréine.

géillim don dóchas
go dtuigeann ainmhithe mo bhlas
is daoine mo theanga.

géillim don dóchas
go bhfuil focail le trust
is go sáraítear le súile iad.

by Caitlín Nic Íomhair

Morning Prayer

I submit to the hope
that there is a God after all,
and that redemption comes.

I submit to the hope
that the burden of loneliness will lift,
and love eclipse jealousy
in this endless, baffling stand-off.

I submit to the hope
that wisdom flowers out of pain,
as well as empathy, and love,
and that open hearts
after rain will experience sun.

I submit to the hope
that animals know me by my scent,
and humans, by what I say.

I submit to the hope
that words can be trusted
even when the eyes demur.

translated by Colette Bryce

from Calling Cards (21 November 2018)

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