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Poem of the Month

Our May 2016 Poem of the Month comes from Tom French’s forthcoming collection The Way To Work (26 May 2016)


A Music Room


for Seamus Reilly, senior and junior


In a room built for music
by a man who knew how
a note was sung, and how
the plumb line worked,


from which we have spent
the day moving the music,
reading labels, touching them,
there is one last thing to do —


find a socket for the player,
retrieve a record from the car,
slip it from its pristine sleeve
and bow our heads to listen,


as men who are praying bow,
to the static that brings us back —
then, out of the static, violins;
a man opens his heart, and sings.


by Tom French
from The Way to Work (2016)


Tom French by Eamon Little