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Poem of the Month

Our April 2016 Poem of the Month comes from Peter Sirr’s recent collection The Rooms (2014).



That clarity,
how everything blazed
in the undaunted light
of itself.
A typewriter
nailed down
for all eternity,
a whisper from ink
flourishing their imperfections.
In the museum room
a looped film
of the artist shaving,
shelves of his books;
‘I breed pedigree dogs
to feed my cats.’
The place held its breath.
In this readiness
what could resist?
Touch nothing but listen 
for the lift-off, the print 
of the house 
on its own waiting, 
the lucky lope 
of the sleek black cat 
through the ropes, 
and out.

by Peter Sirr
from The Rooms (2014)

Peter Sirr by Kevin Honan