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Poem of the Month

December’s Poem of the Month is taken from From Elsewhere by Ciaran Carson. ‘This book consists of translations from the French poet Jean Follain [1903-1971], faced by ‘original’ poems inspired by those translations: spins and takes on them in other words. Translations of translations as it were.’— from the author’s introduction

Aux temps sombres: The Dark Times

Covert copse
and cottage
also flourish in the dark times
when men tremble
to hear the knock on the door;
on their bodies women
who carry messages
hear their dresses flutter
displace their shadows
with a fevered impulse
to exist in the light.



Given not so much as
a knock on the door
men disappear
no word for years
a mechanical digger
strips the ground,
men with spades move in.
A mother watches from the margin
envisioning a bodytransfigured from the mire.


by Ciaran Carson
from From Elsewhere (2014)

Ciaran Carson by Manus Carson