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May 2014 — Poem of the Month


The Marriage Mine


Peter Fallon

May day. By hedges
of haw
and the hazel edges


of the wood
a busybody in the bushes
has withstood


an urge to fly,
a guardian angel
keeping an eye


on everything,
balancing that impulse
to abscond — or sing.


Our children’s poise
at the point of take-off


the call to live another
life, mind the past,
hold still, and yet discover


re-entry to the kingdom
of what is
and what’s to come.


Lead or follow,
deeper in woods
than birds dare go,


in shade or shine,
cleave to the word
to draw forth from the marriage mine.


by Peter Fallon 
from Strong, My Love (2014)
Gallery Books
€11.95 pb
 /€18.50 hb

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