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October 2013 — Poem of the Month

Slow Set

I want to wear, again, stonewashed denim and snatch
a tenner from my mother’s leather purse. I want to take
the bus to the next town, my stomach full of elephant hawk moths.
Let the boy beside me be drunk on rum and coke
and Angus Young. Let moonlight scuff the twisting tarmacadam
and the wheels turn as the tape deck plays Now 7.
Give me a cloakroom ticket for my bomber jacket.
From the vending machine give me ten John Player Blue.
Let the air be laced with hairspray, dry ice, spilled booze.
Let the DJ speak like he was raised in Malibu.
I want to be the one you press against the pebbledash,
the one your brothers threaten if I ever do you harm.
I want to hold your hips for a three song slow set
and whisper in your ear please let me walk you home.

from The Dead Zoo (2013)
by Ciaran Berry
Gallery Books
€11.95 pb
€18.50 pb 

Listen to Ciaran Berry read ‘Slow Set’

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