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Vona Groarke


From X-Factor to X-rated, the third least common letter in the English alphabet appears commonly in life.
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The Flower and the Frozen Sea

Michelle O'Sullivan

The Flower and the Frozen Sea follows Michelle O'Sullivan's auspicious debut...
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There Now

Eamon Grennan

In these short poems full of patient listening, looking, and responding, Eamon Grennan again presents a world of brilliantly excavated moments...
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Thomas Kilroy

CATHERINE My Will has visions. That is all. He doesn't live in the world as other ...
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Marina Carr

‘How glorious it all was. How glorious they all were.
We mustn’t judge things by their end.’
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Red Sails

Derek Mahon

This spirited collection of short essays adds further critical and autobiographical...
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Blaris Moor

Medbh McGuckian

Medbh McGuckian extended the range of Irish poetry. Her gloriously mysterious work calls to mind the rhapsodic utterances of Emily Dickinson...
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The Boys
of Bluehill

Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

Music permeates the collection which also features elegies and poems about language...
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Early House

Justin Quinn

‘Whether in short lyrics or in the longer pieces Quinn’s lyricism, subtlety of thought and precision of expression are a constant pleasure.’ — James Harpur, Southword
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Alan Gillis

The poems in Alan Gillis’s fourth collection, Scapegoat, find themselves on the edge...
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From Elsewhere

Ciaran Carson

From Elsewhere is the latest reach into another source by the ingenious translator of...
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Strong, My Love

Peter Fallon

Care, company, community have been fundamental concerns of Peter Fallon’s writing ...
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Tom French

Tom French’s third collection opens with the poet alone with his newborn son in a delivery room...
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What Just Happened

Sara Berkeley

Sara Berkeley Tolchin’s new collection begins: ‘I’d like my heart /to be without conditions, / to crack each day a little more open’...
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The Way In

John McAuliffe

  John McAuliffe’s new book continues to explore a contemporary life whose domestic spaces and routines are lovingly itemized and reassembled...
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Mickey Finn's Air

Gerald Dawe

Mickey Finn’s Air, Gerald Dawe’s eighth collection of poems, revels in how memory plays...
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The Travels of Sorrow

Dermot Healy

The Travels of Sorrow is a windfall, the last gift of a compelling, original and charismatic artist.
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Poem of the Month

December’s Poem of the Month comes from Peter Fallon’s latest collection Strong, My Love (2014).



Tears in his eyes
from an east wind
and ice rain and,
surely, more sinned


against than sinning,
he stared as the bullocks turned
back to confront a bare stall.
Had even the frosts not burned


the leaves from the briars . . .
In all the years that he remembers
there wasn’t the like,
with its four Novembers


and the two or three
when any weather’s switch
or swerve bore more adversaries.


I’ve known those nights,
up at the lambing, snowblind,
when you’d search for what
you hoped you wouldn’t find.


I’ve seen those gaunt beasts
haunt the marts,
felt the heartsink
of false starts


in the low moans of live-
known the hurt hope
of herd and flock,


and heard his spirit say,
‘This will not end,
not soon or in a time to come —
because it happened.’


by Peter Fallon
from Strong, My Love (2014)

Peter Fallon


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Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin reads ‘The Polio Epidemic’ from The Sun-fish (2009)

Seán Lysaght reads ‘The Bay of Angels’ from Carnival Masks (2014)

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December's Poem of the Month comes from Peter Fallon's latest collection Strong, My Love (2014). [more]

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